"Many of New Zealand’s animals and plants are not found elsewhere – these are known as endemic species. For example, over 80% of the 2,500 species of native conifers, flowering plants and ferns are found nowhere else. And of the 245 species of birds breeding in New Zealand before human arrival, 71% were endemic. This high rate is mainly the result of the country’s long isolation from other land masses."  Te Ara - the Encylopedia of NZ

Kākā: picture and sound

Maori name: Kākā
Common name: Kākā

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Kiwi: picture and sound

Maori name: Kiwi
Common name: Northland Brown Kiwi

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Korimako: picture and sound

Maori name: korimako
Common name: Bellbird

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Matata: picture and sound

fernbird matata
Maori name: Matata
Common name: Fernbird

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Pateke: picture and sound

Maori name: Pateke
Common name: Brown teal

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Pīwakawaka: picture and sound


Maori name: Pīwakawaka
Common name: Fantail

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Pūtangitangi: picture and sound

paradise duck

Maori name: Pūtangitangi
Common name: Paradise Shelduck

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Tīeke: picture and sound

north island saddleback tieke
Maori name: Tieke
Common name: North Island Saddleback

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Kakariki: picture and sound

Maori name: Kakariki
Common name: Red crowned parakeet

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Koekoeā: picture and sound

Long-tailed cuckoo-Image©Adam Clarke
Maori name: Koekoeā
Common name: Cuckoo Long-tailed

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Kukupa / Kereru: picture and sound

pigeon photo Logan Vickers

Maori name: Kukupa/Kereru
Common name: New Zealand pigeon

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Miromiro: picture and sound


Maori name: Miromiro
Common name: North Island Tomtit

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Pīhoihoi: picture and sound


Maori name: Pīhoihoi
Common name:  Pipit

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Pōpokotea: picture and sound

Maori name: Pōpokotea
Common name: Whitehead

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Riroriro: picture and sound


Maori name: Riroriro
Common name: Grey Warbler

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Toutouwai: picture and sound

Maori name: Toutouwai
Common name: North Island Robin

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