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Helping us to bring back the birdsong to the islands of Ipipiri, note by note.

Without the commitment of our strong volunteer base Project Island Song would not have achieved what is has done to date. As we look to the future we are aware how important that volunteer component is to our ongoing success. 

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As a volunteer you are a vital member of our community and contributor to our organisation, helping us all fulfil our mission and achieve our goals. We welcome enquiries about volunteering. There are a number of different ways you can support our work, including (but not restricted to) planting, bird monitoring, weeding, and advocacy on the islands.

wildlife conservation volunteering new zealandA timetable for the year’s planting events is posted on our website every April for our planting days which take place from May to July. There’s a fair bit of preparation involved before planting starts, so we’d appreciate help with release spraying and plant carrying if you’re fit and able. Weeding is a year round task, with our committed weedbusters targeting nasties such as moth plant, kahili ginger, tobacco weed and others. Bird monitoring can require specialist skills, but we provide training for those who would like to join our monitoring team. During summer months, our roving volunteers give out boatie bags, help with our biosecurity messaging and rove the islands talking to people about Project Island Song. You can also help us with events or give your time and skills in any way that you think might be helpful.

 Volunteer experience testimonial

I started volunteering for Project Island Song in August 2016, initially as part of a practical paper formy second year study in achieving a Diploma Environment and Conservation Management at NorthTec, Whangarei. I chose Project Island Song as a placement for my practical paper as I reside in the Bay of Islands and frequently go fishing, camping and tramping on the beautiful islands in the Bay. I have heard and seen the success of this project with increased native plant regeneration and return of native bird song to the islands. Since being a volunteer for Project Island Song, I have spent numerous days out on several islandsassisting with other volunteers with removal of pest plants, monitoring translocated bird species andparticipated in the annual bird count. Volunteer trips out to the islands start off with a beautiful boatride which on many occasions includes seeing dolphins, orca, penguins and numerous other bird life, a fantastic start to the day. Monitoring the newly translocated bird species includes walking overmany island walking tracks assessing bird populations through identification and observations, it isfun, physical and rewarding to see new bird species starting to establish. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time volunteering with Project Island Song, it is inspiring to be part of a project that is successful in enhancing the natural ecology of the Bay of Islands. I have volunteered alongside some wonderful people, explored the many islands in the Bay but most of all, I have had a lot of fun doing it!  Sarah Knight


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If you have any questions regarding volunteering please email our volunteer coordinator:

Madeleine Powers
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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