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Popokotea released to Moturua and Urupukapuka Islands

popokoteaOn Saturday 23 April, Project Island Song partners, supporters and volunteers celebrated the successful release of 80 pōpokotea/whitehead to two of the main islands of Ipipiri, in the Bay of Islands. The release is part of a bigger ecological restoration programme, with a vision to bring back the birdsong note by note until the ancient dawn chorus is revived.

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Popokotea & Toutouwai Release to Ipipiri Autumn 2016

totutouwai-11This autumn we welcome the translocation of two species of native bird – popokotea (whitehead) and toutouwai (North Island robin) to two of the islands of Ipipiri, Moturua and Urupukapuka in the Bay of Islands.

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Rats found on pest-free islands

Pestfree dogsIpipiri/Eastern Bay of Islands have been pest-free since 2009. Our pest response was tested recently when several rats were detected during routine monitoring on the islands. Department of Conservation release.

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Biosecurity packs for local operators

biosecurity packs for ontheground feb2016 thumbyProject Island Song is rolling out colourful and informative biosecurity packs to commercial operators around the Bay of Islands. The packs were compiled following a review of the island biosecurity plan, which involves everyone who works and lives on or around the islands. This has been adopted willingly by all and is working well.

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A day in the life of...

Dotterll ontheground Last week, Fleur Corbett spent a day on Urupukapuka and had the chance to catch up with Goodie, resident caretaker at Otehei Bay.

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First fledglings in 100 years!

TīekeProject Island Song is celebrating the first Tīeke and Pōpokatea fledglings in 100 years to be seen on the islands of Ipipiri.

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Kids Restore: Targeting Norway rats

kids restore1The main focus of our Kids Restore NZ education programme happens in Term 2, when Bay of Islands’ school children participate in our Floating Classroom programme.

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Motuarohia: An island restoration story

motuarohiaThriving forest, alive with birdsong – that was the vision of Mike Alexander when he started the restoration of Motuarohia Island in the 1970s. The restoration at the time attracted Maggie’s Garden Show: now Minister of Conservation, she couldn’t be enticed back in May for the release of pōpokatea to the pest-free island.

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Eco-sail with R. Tucker Thompson

tucker thumb150Two iconic Northland organisations offer one unique experience! 

At the end of April 2016, Northland’s tall ship the R. Tucker Thompson is partnering up with us to offer a two day, one night eco sailing experience in the beautiful Bay of Islands.


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