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Guardians AGM held Weds 21st Oct in Paihia

thumb isabel castralThe 2015 Guardians of the Bay of Islands Inc AGM was held in Paihia on October 21.The meeting was followed by a captivating presentation from Dr Isabel Castro, Massey University Behavioural Ecologist on her study of hihi behaviour, her kiwi research and exciting new technologies.

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“Rat Pack” on call in the Bay of Islands

This formidable team of conservation dogs – fondly known as the Rat Pack – has spent four days scouring the seven islands of Ipipiri for rodents. They are working alongside Project Island Song to support the mission to create an archipelago of pest-free island sanctuaries for all to enjoy.

And the great news? No pests found at all!

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Planting Day 10th May 2015

plant-thumb-1-1Thank you everyone. The planting at Homestead catchment and Frenchman's Line was the most complicated and ambitious planting GBOI has ever attempted but even so we managed to put in more than 950 plants in one day – a record for enhancement planting. With such an enthusiastic team you far exceeded my most hopeful expectations. Thank you again.

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2015 planting season underway

Rod and his team of enthusiastic helpers are underway withthe 2015 planting season. The new planting area recently fenced in the Ihumatea catchment on Urupukapuka Island has now been sprayed off by Rod's team - resplendent in their new spray suits provided for our volunteer programme by ASB Community Trust. The site is now ready for the mass public planting on Sunday 24th May, supported annually by Fullers GreatSights.

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First unbanded Toutouwai spotted on Moturua

Following the release of 43 Toutouwai (North Island Robin) on Moturua Island in June 2014, the first unbanded offspring have been sighted. Meet one who has set up camp in Otupoho Bay.

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Hilux a huge help - thanks Northland Toyota

Project Island Song's Hilux  has been kept busy with a wide range of tasks including translocation work, pest control, school visits and planting. Northland Toyota has provided the smarlty  signwritten Hilux for six months and its already proving invaluable to our work.

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Tieke return to Ipipiri

Forty tieke (North Island saddleback) were welcomed to Ipipiri in late March by local hapu Ngati Kuta and Patukeha and Project Island Song partners, volunteers and supporters. Twenty birds were released at Otehei Bay on Urupukapuka Island and twenty more at Ohutopu (Homestead) Bay on Moturua. The birds arrived by helicopter from Mauimua (Lady Alice) Island, each to a powhiri and celebration of the latest species to be returned as part of the Project Island Song restoration.

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All at sea with the floating classroom

By Theresa Vujcich

Once out on the still, clear waters of the Bay we settled in for the first part of the journey to the pest-free islands of Ipipiri and our first stop at Motuarohia (Roberton) Island. As we motored into the lee of the island we were in for a treat, the waters were crystal-clear, the seabed five metres below was so clear it was like looking into a clear blue sky.

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The mammoth Moturua moth plant bust

Everyone knows moth plant, the rampant climber with pods like chokos, irritating white sap and wind-borne seeds. Its vines can smother trees once it gets hold. Potentially moth plant is the worst weed on the islands of Ipipiri and Project Island Song's weedbusters want to eliminate it.

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Moturua wattle project

In May this year Tim Armitage and his wife Helen started a five year programme to control brush, black and golden wattle on Moturua Island. They will return to the island for a month each year for the duration. Bruce and Marion Goodfellow have kindly offered their cottage for accommodation.

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