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All at sea with the floating classroom

By Theresa Vujcich

Once out on the still, clear waters of the Bay we settled in for the first part of the journey to the pest-free islands of Ipipiri and our first stop at Motuarohia (Roberton) Island. As we motored into the lee of the island we were in for a treat, the waters were crystal-clear, the seabed five metres below was so clear it was like looking into a clear blue sky.

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The mammoth Moturua moth plant bust

Everyone knows moth plant, the rampant climber with pods like chokos, irritating white sap and wind-borne seeds. Its vines can smother trees once it gets hold. Potentially moth plant is the worst weed on the islands of Ipipiri and Project Island Song's weedbusters want to eliminate it.

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Moturua wattle project

In May this year Tim Armitage and his wife Helen started a five year programme to control brush, black and golden wattle on Moturua Island. They will return to the island for a month each year for the duration. Bruce and Marion Goodfellow have kindly offered their cottage for accommodation.

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Toutouwai (North Island Robin) release June 2014

At the time of European arrival, toutouwai were widespread throughout mainland North Island. Today they are mainly restricted to central areas from Taranaki to the Uruwera Ranges with the remaining populations occurring on offshore islands.

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Planting day Urupukapuka

Photos from the Project Island Song Planting Day on Urupukapuka Island 18th May 2014

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Pateke (Brown Teal) release September 2012

First birdsong brought back to the islands: Project Island Song Bring Rare Pateke/Brown Teal Back to Pest-free Urupukapuka Island, Bay of Islands. The release of twelve rare pateke/brown teal today was a major milestone in the ongoing work of Project Island Song to bring back the birdsong to the islands of the Bay of Islands.

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