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Hot topic: Keeping the islands pest free this summer

Biosecurity is a hot topic for Project Island Song – even hotter at this time of year as visitor numbers increase. For Project Island Song, biosecurity means when you're visiting the islands this summer, here's what NOT to bring...

Rats, mice, cats, dogs, cockatoos, plague skinks, Argentine ants or weed seeds

Please remember to check for any of these pests before you leave home. And yes, someone did bring a pet cockatoo onto the islands this summer. These birds can present a disease threat to our at risk and endangered native species.

When it comes to cats and dogs, please leave them at home. New FNDC bylaws will soon support DOCs restriction of landing dogs on the islands and beaches of Ipipiri with associated monitoring and penalties.

Continued reports of people taking cats ashore concern us. After a local pet cat escaped a boat and was loose on Urupukapuka for five months in 2015, we’re scratching our heads as to why this is still happening.

Please respect these precious island sanctuaries and the important role they play in protecting our natural heritage.

Other biosecurity news
We’re pleased to have Helen Ough Dealy back on the team. Helen is working with the Guardians to update signage, liaise with charter and commercial boat operators, coordinate biosecurity checks for school groups visiting the islands and generally raise awareness about the project and the importance of biosecurity.

Project Island Song welcomes anyone doing pest control on their own property to share catch results and we have a great team of experts to provide advice at our quarterly pest control meetings at Rawhiti.

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