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Tūturiwhatu (NZ dotterel) are breeding

Check out this cute chick which was spotted last week in Opunga Bay on Moturua Island. With only about 1500 tūturiwhatu/NZ dotterels left on the planet, they are the rarest bird that we have in the Bay of Islands. We are now in the dotterel breeding season (September to March). Dotterels could be nesting on any of the beaches in the Bay, and they need our help:


  • Watch where you walk on the beach and try to keep below the high tide mark.
  • Keep dogs on leashes and out of prohibited areas.
  • Don’t take vehicles such as quad bikes or 4WDs onto beaches where dotterels are known to be nesting.
  • Leave the immediate area if you see a dotterel that looks like it’s pretending to have a broken wing (as this is a sign a nest is nearby).
  • Keep away from taped-off areas on beaches

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