Update: Duvaucel's geckos

It's coming up to two months now since 50 Duvaucel's geckos were released into Ipipiri, and we are all no doubt anxious to know how they are doing, and what has become of the 30 or so pregnant females.

The release was a complete success, but is only the beginning of a 15-year translocation process. We are now moving into the monitoring stage of the translocation, where it is determined whether or not the population is thriving in its new environment. The indicators of success that monitoring teams will be watching closely in the next few months are survival of the founder population, and fingers crossed, increase in the population.

As part of this process, our team of monitoring volunteers and Northtec Diploma in Conservation and Environmental Management students have been out to the island to install monitoring stations, and will be returning shortly to collect and analyse some of the data. And as for the pregnant female geckos, our monitoring team believe that the females would have been giving birth to their twins from mid-February onwards, which means they will hopefully be popping up in our video recordings soon (click to find out).

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