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All aboard the floating classrooms

Project Island Song is wrapped to welcome Ria Bright on board as our new education facilitator. Ria joined the team just before the start of the Floating Classrooms season, and has had a blast going out on all 10 trips this year.

Ria hails from Kerikeri where she has been a High School teacher at Kerikeri High School for over ten years. As well as being involved in conservation groups in the Bay, Ria is interested in environmental education, so much so that she is doing post graduate study at the University of Waikato on environmental education programmes in secondary schools.

After having attended 10 Floating Classroom trips with fellow educators BJ, Kataraina and Debbie, Ria was more than happy to share the news with the team that the programme shapes up very well according to the latest research. According to Ria, studies on the success of environmental education programmes show overwhelmingly that children have the best educational experience when the programme is in nature (involving hands-on activities in nature), for nature (has a volunteering or giving-back component), and about nature. Go Floating Classrooms!

This year's Floating Classrooms have been funded through the Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust and Enterprise Russell, enabling students from 11 schools in the Bay of Islands area to learn hands-on about conservation and ecology in the Bay. If you are interested in learning more about the Floating Classrooms programme, please contact Ria Bright at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or view the children's work from Floating Classrooms for yourself at our stand at the Bay of Islands P & I Show in Waimate North, November 10th.

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