Planting Day 10th May 2015

plant-thumb-1-1Thank you everyone. The planting at Homestead catchment and Frenchman's Line was the most complicated and ambitious planting GBOI has ever attempted but even so we managed to put in more than 950 plants in one day – a record for enhancement planting. With such an enthusiastic team you far exceeded my most hopeful expectations. Thank you again.

A special thank you too to Fleur and Dennis and Jim Cottier for providing their boats which made it all possible and to Bernard Woodcock for his help ferrying us ashore. With Debby and Dean’s boat too there was quite an Armada.
The weather was perfect and the 43 mm of rain we had just in time saved the day as on the previous Wednesday the soil was hard baked and the planting would have been very difficult indeed.
Regards Rod


Tags: Ecological restoration, Volunteers, Planting

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