First fledglings in 100 years!

TīekeProject Island Song is celebrating the first Tīeke and Pōpokatea fledglings in 100 years to be seen on the islands of Ipipiri.


Last year, 40 Pōpokatea/whiteheads were released on Motuarohia on 30 May. The Tīeke/North Island saddleback were released on Moturua and Urupukapuka in two transfers on 29 March and 30 May. Since just before Christmas, family groups of banded adults and unbanded fledglings have been seen of both Tīeke and Pōpokatea.

Several families of tīeke have set up home in Otehei Bay, where they can be seen and heard very easily. The tīeke photos were taken at Otehei bay. Sightings are being reported all over Moturua and Urupukapuka. The fledglings have smaller wattles, and should start grouping up ready for the winter.

Pōpokatea move all over Motuarohia, and are very vocal and mobile. Photographing the Pōpokatea was very difficult as they never stay still. The Pōpokatea photos were taken at the release site on the western end of Motuarohia, on private property.






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