A day in the life of...

Dotterll ontheground Last week, Fleur Corbett spent a day on Urupukapuka and had the chance to catch up with Goodie, resident caretaker at Otehei Bay.


Goodie wakes up to four tīeke who hang out in the Hibiscus outside his cottage - just before daybreak. He says they can be annoying first thing in the morning! A couple more greet him at the workshop and then they all move around to the large pohutukawa by the woolshed in the afternoon. He's not aware of any nests, but has seen unbanded birds.

So great to have eyes on the island day-in day-out observing bird activity.

The oystercatchers sat on a nest for ages, but didn't get a chick this year. Meanwhile the dotterels have given up nesting on the beach and have moved around the bay, with more success away from humans and kingfishers - who can both be a problem. The kingfishers can be really nasty; a particularly aggressive one has killed tui, dotterel and myna, but has moved on now. There's also lots
of ruru (morepork) in Otehei Bay.

Goodie also enjoys the daily presence of the snapper that live off the end of the wharf. They're a real sight for locals and visitors alike.



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