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Planters needed in May and June

Sunday 20th May- Urupukapuka Island
Planting 1400 plants in old stock dam and stream valley

Sunday 10th June- Urupukapuka Island
Infill planting 300 plants at Urupukapuka and Squid Bay

Register for the plantings by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Volunteer boat transport needed for planting on May 20th

planting daysIf planting's not your thing, why not help out by being a volunteer transport champion!

We have a big planting day coming up so we need extra boats to help transport volunteers from the mainland (Kerikeri, Opua and Russell) for our planting on May 20th at Entico Bay, Urupukapuka.

If you think you can help, please contact the volunteer coordinator on 020 4166 8724, or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Work with us!

20170824 DW86846Project Island Song Education Facilitator

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a skilled educator to facilitate and lead our unique education programme.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about inspiring conservation action amongst young people and stakeholders, and experienced in conservation and environmental education.

More information here

Biosecurity Insights: Skinks hitchin' a ride

Project Island Song is lucky to have good relationships with local tourist operators, especially because we rely on them to be our eyes and ears for any pest incursions in the Bay. We felt this especially this month when one local operator, Vigilant yacht charters, reported two separate potential biosecurity incidents to Project Island Song.

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Update: Kakariki

We have reason to believe our kakariki population is increasing, thanks to our new remote monitoring equipment and to BJ, who has taken on the tedious task of sifting through hours of video footage.

Footage of kakariki is a national first (click here to see), so it has been a challenging yet rewarding experience learning how to use this new technology. Whilst remote monitoring allows us to easily observe juvenile and adult kakariki, because the juveniles are unbanded, it is difficult to get an idea of just how many juveniles there are. Going by what is known of kakariki behaviour, BJ and Richard have been trying to use known family groups to distinguish between different juveniles, and get a good estimate of the population size.

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Update: Duvaucel's geckos

It's coming up to two months now since 50 Duvaucel's geckos were released into Ipipiri, and we are all no doubt anxious to know how they are doing, and what has become of the 30 or so pregnant females.

The release was a complete success, but is only the beginning of a 15-year translocation process. We are now moving into the monitoring stage of the translocation, where it is determined whether or not the population is thriving in its new environment. The indicators of success that monitoring teams will be watching closely in the next few months are survival of the founder population, and fingers crossed, increase in the population.

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Candid Camera Captures Kākāriki - Video of First Bay of Islands Wild-Raised Kākāriki in 50 Years

In what’s thought to be the first time ever, Project Island Song has captured some remarkable video recordings of the first wild-raised kākāriki chicks in the Bay of Islands in as many as 50 years or more.

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Duvaucel’s Geckos Return to Ipipiri

The rainy summer may be dampening the spirits of our visiting tourists but it’s great weather for geckos and put a big smile on the face of Project Island Song’s Project Manager, Richard Robbins.  Monday 5 February was the latest native species reintroduction to Ipipiri, the Eastern Bay of Islands, this time 50 Duvaucel’s geckos.  “The release day was blisteringly hot, so this rain and cooler temperatures is a real plus for us and our precious new arrivals” says Richard.

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Threatened Species Ambassador Nicola Toki as Guest Speaker at AGM

Threatened Species Ambassador Nicola Toki as Guest Speaker at AGM Thursday November 2nd.

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AGM 6:30pm 2nd November Copthorne Hotel Waitangi

Full details:

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