The Project: a wildlife sanctuary in the Bay of Islands

Project Island Song is a wildlife sanctuary. The seven main islands in the eastern Bay of Islands have been pest mammal free since 2009, and the natural eco-systems are being restored. Thousands of trees have been planted, and seven rare and endangered species have been reintroduced. Many more species are planned. In this wildlife sanctuary you can discover the home of some of the world’s most fascinating and rare wildlife.

Project Island Song is a unique partnership between:

This partnership is dedicated to restoring ecological balance to the islands of the Eastern Bay of Islands (Ipipiri). Drawing together the energy, talent and culture of local people to bring the birdsong back to Ipipiri, note by note.

Our focus:

  • Ongoing pest control/monitoring to maintain pest-free status (the islands were made pest-free in 2009)
  • Species reintroduction (five reintroductions to date, sixteen more planned)
  • Ongoing native tree planting (39,000 planted to date)
  • Weedbusting - weekly weeding missions dealing to plant pests!
  • Promoting biosecurity to all those visiting the islands
  • The floating classroom - educating future generations of kaitiaki
  • Working with mainland pest control groups to minimise pests swimming to the islands

Project timeline:

This image shows our time line. From the Prehistoric age where these islands would have been resplendant with native flora and fauna, through to the year 2000 where they were deforested and teemed with pest mammals. Project Island song was established in 2003 as a partnership to restore the islands. By 2009 all invasive pests and mammal were eradicated. By 2015 30,000 native trees had been grown and planted. By 2015 there were five native species released. Our hope is that by 2050 the ancient dawn chorus is restored.

Project links:

Visit the Islands Species reintroductions Planting Pest/weed control Biosecurity Floating classroom

This image demonstrates the wide range of activites that make up Project Island Song. Weedbusting, planting programmes, biosecurity, floating classrooms, pest monitoring and control and species trans-locations. Working with Project Island Song are community groups The shadehouse who propogate and prived us with native plants - 30,000 to date! Also mainland pest control groups that reduce the likelyhood of pests swimming from the mainland to the islands


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