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Teaming with wildlife

Discover the wild side of the Bay of Islands

Project Island Song is the Bay of Islands’ wildlife sanctuary. The seven main islands in the eastern Bay of Islands have been pest mammal free since 2009, and the natural eco-systems are being restored. We are bringing back birdsong to the islands, note by note.

Our key programmes and activities

pest controlBIOSECURITY - Protecting the wildlife safe haven by stopping non-native predators and weeds from getting to the pest-free islands. Read more... pest controlNATIVE SPECIES REINTRODUCTIONS - Returning vulnerable native wildlife.  Read more... 
 pest controlREVEGETATION - Restoring native habitat so that the islands flourish. Read more...

pest controlEDUCATION - Providing future generations of kiwis with inspiring learning. Read more...

 pest controlWEEDING - Removing non-native plants. Read more...  pest controlWILDLIFE TOURS - Experience New Zealand’s unique wildlife, wild as nature intended. Read more...

How you can help

pest controlVOLUNTEER - Gift your time and skills. Read more... pest controlBECOME A MEMBER - Join and help us save rare and endangered native wildlife. Read more... 
 pest controlDONATE - As a charity we rely on the support of everyday kiwis and visitors. Read more...

pest controlADOPT A TREE - Help us plant trees. Read more...

Report a pest sighting

stoat with chick galleryIt is vital that the islands of Ipipiri remain pest free.

If you have seen a pest on the islands please call the island pest detection hotline immediately:

0800 362 468 ( 0800 DOC HOT)

Please follow up with an email to giving details of the sighting.


Latest News

April 27, 2021

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Upcoming translocations and planting days, wētāpunga monitoring in place,
September 30, 2020

2020 AGM invite

Join us for the Guardians of the Bay of Islands Inc. 2020 AGM with guest speaker Blair Tuke Please join us for our 2020 AGM 2pm, Sunday 1st November at The Duke of…

Thank you to our supporters!

Project Island Song is reliant on funders and sponsors to keep us on the path to achieving our vision. Thank you to all those who have contributed in various ways, including the provision of free travel for volunteers going to the islands, funding project work, sponsoring volunteer lunches on planting days and much, much more. With your support we can bring the islands of Ipipiri alive again with the sound of native New Zealand birdsong.


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