Visiting the islands? Check out our easy biosecurity checklist before you go.

Visit the Islands

Experience New Zealand’s unique wildlife, wild as nature intended

This beautiful wildlife sanctuary is open for everyone to visit so come and experience the pest free islands of Ipipiri in the Bay of Islands first hand. Walk among regenerating native bush and trees and take in stunning sea views. Listen to the birdsong and spot reintroduced tieke (saddleback), kakariki (red-crowned parakeet), toutouwai (North Island robin), pōpokatea (whitehead), pāteke (brown teal), and many more.

There are numerous ways you can visit the islands, whether it’s on a commercially operated vessel, your own boat or kayak, or with us on a volunteering trip.

Take care of biosecurity first

However, you plan to get to the islands, we can all do our part to keep them pest-free and protect our precious wildlife.

None of us expects that we would be the person to unknowingly bring a pest to the islands, but it does happen.

If you are visiting the islands on your own boat or kayak, or are planning to camp there, please check out our biosecurity checklists before you set off:

Biosecurity checklists (Click to download PDF)

Biosecurity Icons
Biosecurity icons
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