Visiting the islands? Check out our easy biosecurity checklist before you go.

Current Campaigns

Plant a tree

Our plant a tree programme contributes to all areas of our habitat restoration of the islands.

Our habitat restoration programme covers everything from local native seed collection all the way through to growing and planting the trees on the islands. With over 40,000 trees already planted by Project Island Song volunteers and significant plantings by the owners on private land, the establishing native bush is providing increased food and shelter for the wildlife on the islands.

You can make an impact too by donating a gift to the islands that will last for generations.

Adopt a rat trap

Adopting a rat trap is a practical way to help us to keep the islands pest free.

On average there are 8 pest incursions a year, by supporting us with a donation you will help pay for one year, two year’s or five year’s servicing of one of the 450 trap stations we have on the mainland to protect the islands.

Our native species depend on us to protect the islands from reinvasion by pests.

An adopted trap is a great gift idea for friends and family who are passionate about the ecological restoration of native New Zealand.