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Our Story

Project Island Song began with a small group of enthusiastic Bay of Islands locals in 2003. Their combined dream was to return the islands of Ipipiri, in the Eastern Bay of Islands, to an archipelago of sanctuaries thriving with native habitat, lush vegetation and alive with the dawn chorus.

To enable this dream to become a reality a unique partnership was formed between local community group the Guardians of the Bay of Islands, Te Rawhiti hapū (Ngati Kuta and Patukeha), and the Department of Conservation.

As a result of this project, the seven islands of Okahu, Waewaetorea, Motukiekie, Moturua, Urupukapuka, Motuarohia and Poroporo have been pest-free since 2009, the bush is regenerating, and returning native wildlife is recolonising the islands.

Thanks to this incredible partnership the islands of Ipipiri are beginning to sing once again after many years of silence.