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Fundraise for us

You don’t need to be out on the islands to help Project Island Song.

Fundraising challenges as an individual, school or workplace can boost your spirit, engage classmates and reconnect colleagues whilst giving back to nature. There are hundreds of ideas for fundraising, we’ve listed a few below to get you started.

If you want to know more about fundraising for Project Island Song or you are holding a fundraising event for us, get in touch by emailing

Gold coin morning/afternoon tea

Shake up the morning or afternoon tea break. Encourage your classmates or team to bring in some home baking treats to share. Ask everyone to donate a gold coin to attend a morning or afternoon tea to enjoy the treats.

Something sporty

There are plenty of sporting events around that you might be taking part in. Why not raise money for Project Island Song to give you an extra boost to cross the finish line. Your employer might even match your donations dollar for dollar!

Donate a tea or coffee

We all love our tea or coffee in the morning and regularly head to the local café for our fix. Think of how much money your workplace could raise if everyone donated the cost of their morning tea or coffee to Project Island Song!

It could be the cost of a day, week, month or even a year’s worth of tea or coffee, but the next cup would taste even better knowing you’ve supported Project Island Song.

Lunchtime quiz/Quiz night

Every school and workplace has some healthy competition between classes, departments or teams so why not raise some money and host a lunchtime quiz or even a quiz night. Sell tickets to the quiz and donate the proceeds to Project Island Song.

Raffle a day off work

Everyone loves a day off work, so why not raffle an additional day off work and see how much you can raise for Project Island Song. Best check this with your boss first!

Charity of the year

Make Project Island Song your charity of the year, spend the year fundraising or donate a percentage of your annual profits to Project Island Song.

Boot Fair

Hold a boot fair at your school or workplace charge a small fee per table/vehicle with proceeds going to Project Island Song. It’s a win-win, every stallholder has given to Project Island Song and they are also selling their pre-loved goods.

Send us some of your examples, we’d love to see them!