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Get your business involved

Local businesses play a huge role in helping Project Island Song to continue our work. There are many ways to get your business or workplace involved with Project Island Song.

Business membership – make supporting wildlife your business

Becoming a Business Member of Project Island Song means you will be contributing to the restoration of the Bay of Islands, and the ongoing sustainability of the project. This helps to ensure locals and visitors alike can enjoy a unique year-round experience of Northland’s subtropical climate, spectacular scenery, and natural heritage.

Our Business members are supportive local businesses who want to see our region and our people thrive.

By becoming a Business Member for just $275 per year:

You’ll receive a welcome/renewal pack including:

You’ll also receive:


Sign up to become a business member:

Our business members:

Staff engagement & wellbeing

Engaged, motivated teams are at the heart of good business.

We know how vital employee wellbeing and morale is for business particularly since Covid-19. Project Island Song can help you invest in your team’s wellbeing whilst enhancing nature, from on island practical tasks like weedbusting, planting trees to office fundraising.

There are so many benefits to spending time in nature:

Wild working & wellbeing walks

Get the team working together in nature.

Wild working and wellbeing nature walks provide your team with the opportunity to volunteer out in the field, getting their hands dirty by contributing to our weedbusting programme, habitat restoration programme (planting) or field maintenance.

The team are also invited to join a private guided walk to hear and see some of the rare and endangered species on the islands. Being out in nature encourages wellbeing and allows time for your team to unwind by reconnecting with wildlife and the sights and sounds of nature.

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Payroll giving

Do you offer a payroll giving initiative within your organisation? If so why not include Project Island Song as an organisation your employees can contribute to?

Visit the IRD website to find out more.

Are you an employee looking to make a payroll giving donation to Project Island Song? If your employer offers payroll giving then you need to give them the following information to set up your regular giving.

• the name of the organisation you’ll be donating to
• how much you want to donate each pay
• how often you want to donate (for example one-off, every pay, every second pay — your employer may have their own rules here).

Thank you!

Product/service donations

Your business can support Project Island Song by donating products or services that assist the long-term sustainability of the Project.

If you have a product or service you would like to donate to Project Island Song or would like to find out more about how you can help contact us at

Examples could include: